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BWIP sells to users of medical, welding, and industrial supplies subject to and conforming to current Policy. To place an order call, contact us via:

Phone (586) 725-6300

E-mail us at



Goods described hereon accepted in accordance with terms and conditions set forth hereon.

Positively no claims for shortages allowed unless notification of same is given within 24 hours after receipt of goods.

All cylinders and/or containers delivered by the seller to the purchaser, are delivered at the sole risk of the purchaser.

For all of the cylinders and/or containers delivered to the purchaser, the purchaser accepts full responsibility against loss or damages by fire, theft, or explosion, or otherwise, and accrued demurrage on cylinders or containers until such cylinders and/or containers are delivered to the possession and custody of seller.

Each cylinder and/or container not so returned to the seller shall be conclusively presumed to have been lost or destroyed by the purchaser after a period of six (6) months. Blue Water Industrial Products shall have the right to recover the possession of the above described cylinders at any time if a petition in bankruptcy is filed by or against the user, or if the said cylinders are mortgaged, encumbered, subjected to attachment or execution.

The purchaser agrees to pay promptly for loss or destruction, through any cause whatsoever, of cylinders and/or containers covered in the within agreement not returned within six (6) months, or for damages to cylinders or fittings at the prices in effect at time of payment for loss or destruction.

Refilling, loaning or reselling any of the above listed cylinders without the written consent of Blue Water Industrial Products is prohibited.

A demurrage charge or a rental charge will be made on each cylinder at the current demurrage or rental rate.

The customer shall pay in addition to the price or prices specified herein, the amount of tax upon or payable or collectible by the Vendor with respect to or which is ascertained by reference to or measured by any sales, deliveries or orders hereunder by virtue of any present or future Federal, State, Municipal or other law applicable thereto. Inclusion of tax amounts not stated in this invoice.

Seller represents that with respect to the production of the articles and/or performance of the services covered by this invoice it has fully complied with Section 12(a) of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended. Customer purchased cylinders will incur a maintenance and testing charge.


Merchandise shipped in error, defective in workmanship, or otherwise unserviceable, may be returned for full credit and will be free of all restocking and/or freight charges. Please initiate return proceedings within thirty days of receipt or failure, It will be necessary to provide a copy of your purchase receipt or invoice for return.

Other material and/or special orders are subject to a restocking fee.

Returns after 30 days of purchase are also subject to a restocking fee.


Blue Water Industrial Products guarantees goods sold only to the extent of the warranty as set forth by the manufacturer.

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